Mexico – Day 11



The cathedral of Puebla

Yesterday started normally. I was about to head out to see some more of the places on my list, until I realized that I was supposed to check out of my hostel and catch a bus to Puebla. Time is going by too quickly!

A historic street in Puebla, Mexico

The bus left from the airport, and I had no idea how long it was going to take, but I didn’t care because I was riding in the lap of luxury. That damn thing was like a French train minus the velvet curtains. For 300 pesos who could complain?

The Palafoxiana Library in Puebla Mexico

Puebla is a touristy little town but it has a lot of great architecture. Facades covered in decorative tiles, domed churches sprinkled in amidst the two and three story residential buildings, and a generous central square. The cathedral is the main attraction in Puebla, but after seeing the cathedral in Mexico City it’s hard to be impressed. It just appeared to take far too many cues from Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome which is really a shame. After being in Mexico for only a few days I have seen enough to know that the local variety of architecture has the capacity to be lot richer and more emotive than the European buildings they were modeled after.

My accommodations in Puebla

The hostel I stayed in was a Rococo aristocratic dream. Open courtyards, elaborate decorative painting, plaster work, and parquet floors. Just two blocks from the city center, I couldn’t have asked for a better set up. I spent a bit of time looking at the curious cross-over of Spanish and Aztec carvings on the facade of Iglesia de San Cristobal. It was as if someone was painting a familiar design with an unfamiliar paintbrush – the nuances imparted in the facade by the local craftsmen that built the church made this into one of my favorite buildings in the city.
In any case, my day got cut short by an inexplicable splitting head ache. Was it some bad mole? I don’t know, but I felt like hell for the rest of the day, and even a little into this morning. Hopefully today will be smooth sailing.
I hope you all have a good Sunday,

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