A Slight Detour

I was grateful when my plane left the tarmac. My transition from Cuba to Mexico was a day lost to bureaucracy.  Rather than talking about waiting in lines and the black market currency exchange at the airport I figure that we can take a quick detour.


This past weekend I drove around the midlands of South Carolina to see a few things that I’ve been itching to see. I wasn’t disappointed.


Pinewood, SC is home to Milford Plantation, a shining example of Greek Revival architecture that was completed in 1841. In 1992 it was purchased by Richard Jenrette. Mr. Jenrette has made a hobby of purchasing historically significant buildings, having them meticulously restored, and then filling them with period appropriate furnishings and decorative art. He has collected 6 in total. He is my kind of man. They wouldn’t let me draw or take pictures inside, and it is only open on the first Saturday of every month, but it’s worth the drive – she’s a real beauty.

Milford Plantation

Before I came back home I swung over to the Bonham house just outside of Saluda. Built in roughly 1780, this was my first experience with a dogtrot house – an early American style of house built with an open air hallway that ran between two main rooms. This example had the hall filled in at some point, but it was an experience worthy of all the one lane dirt roads I had to drive down to get there.




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