Day 1 – Santo Domingo

Well folks, I’ve landed.


Despite awkward propositions from prostitutes and shady shoe shine men – I found my hostel and the old part of town.
I know I’ve already told some folks, but just to recap: I got the idea a few months ago to chronologically follow Spanish colonial architecture and try to figure out how it evolved as it spread throughout the Caribbean and Central America.
For now I’m in Santo Domingo, and today I discovered just how silly and ambitious my idea is. But what the hell?
The city was founded in 1496, so everything the Spanish built here was the first in the “new world”. I spent a few hours drawing the Cathedral, and I have to say that it’s very strange to see Gothic architecture on a Caribbean island. But looking at the details, it doesn’t seem to be too far off from contemporary Spanish cathedrals – even down to some minor Moorish influences. It’s a building that is far more interesting in person than in pictures, but I’ll share some anyway.
In any case, the more important thing is that I got a full blown meal for about $4 today. Hopefully I won’t regret it tomorrow! I’ve got a full day planned, I’ll check back in tomorrow.
All the best,

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