I was on a mission to find Hemingway, and a formidable barbeque purveyor.


Scotts Variety Store, Hemingway, SC

Roosevelt ran a place named Scott’s Variety Store. If you ask a native South Carolinian where to find Hemingway, they’re going to point you to a Barnes & Noble. Though you’ll find him there too, it’s also a spot on the map with really good barbeque. In any case I wrote that so I could tell you this:

Hemingway SC is just up the road from Georgetown. So I stopped in… why not? All I knew about Georgetown was that it had a paper mill, a steel mill, and that at least one barber in the greater Charleston area regrettably called the place home.

The longer I live, the more I have faith in the places that time forgot. I don’t really think that statement needs any justification or supporting evidence. Especially since I have a camera.


Georgetown, SC


Georgetown, SC

Architecture? I was struck by the building pictured above. It effectively tows the line of Neo-Classical grandeur. Looking closer, there were a lot short cuts taken (brick rather than stone), a lot of missed opportunities (fenestration and trim details on the second story loggia), and a few unfortunate work arounds undoubtedly caused by engineer red-lining (*cough* porch brackets *cough*). But I think that there is a lesson hidden in these short cuts: Truly good design is effective even if it isn’t perfect. In the same vein, bad design can’t be fixed with a nice finish.



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