Well, first of all Happy Mother’s Day. Call your mother. Do it now.

Coffered ceiling of the Erecthion

Coffered ceiling of the Erecthion

Ok, now that that’s over and done with, I figured today that I would return to the “mother” of all architectural gems…. Yup, Parthenon part two. As I’ve said before, I had a difficult time getting myself to draw on my latest trip. Well, on the very last day of my trip I had found the solution. And it came from Corbusier.

One of Corbu's sketches of the Acropolis

One of Corbu’s sketches of the Acropolis

It’s a really odd thing because I was taught to hate his work and philosophy. But as with most things, when someone tells you not to push the button, you will eventually be motivated to at least know what it does. Anyway… Corbusier traveled and drew extensively. I remember when I first looked at his sketches of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, I chuckled with mirth–the drawings kind of sucked. Loose and wild, how could they possibly show the character of such a building?

But then, I was wrong.

I was completely frustrated that I couldn’t produce any work. It was my final day with the mother-ship, so I figured if it was good enough for Corbusier, I could at least use him as an excuse if my drawings didn’t come out.


Rules for Quick Sketching:

1) You may not sit down. You may not lean. You must stand. In the words of David Beckford, “You sit down to shit. You stand up to work.”


2) You must not stop moving your pencil until you are done. Use an HB or softer lead.


3) You may not use an eraser.


4) You may not do the same drawing twice.



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